Why I Hope You’ll Read Our Book

The book that I have spent the last three years labouring over with my co-author (and wonderful mother) Nan Seymour is now being considered for publication. An Unremarkable Girl may finally find its way to shelves this year, so I want you to know why it’s worth reading.

I hope you’ll read our book because it’s painful. I hope you’ll read it because we wrote our truth. I hope that when you’ll read it you’ll understand what it’s like to be a transgender girl in a conservative state. That you’ll feel a deeper empathy for all of the queer, transgender, and non-binary people who are surrounded by hostile cultures. I hope you’ll read our book because I want you to be an ally to the transgender community. I want you to read it because it puts a human face on a hot-button topic, in a deeper way than a headline or op-ed ever could.

I hope you’ll read this book to laugh at the first time I bought cigarettes and cry when I got put into a hospital and was spitefully mistreated by the staff. I hope you’ll read it for the beautiful words of my mother’s, baring her heart and soul about the grief, joy, and fear that it means to be a supportive parent to a trans child in a transphobic world. 

I hope you’ll read this book for the cold high desert of the Colorado Plateau and the plane trees of Salt Lake City. I hope you’ll read it for the canals of Venice and the verdant green hills of Slovenia. That you’ll learn things you never knew about the complexity and nuance of gender, faith, and family.

I hope you’ll read this book because I think it can grow our understanding, which begets kindness. I hope it will inspire you to not just be kind, but to fight for others.


If you are interested in reading our book and supporting us, please visit anunremarkablegirl.com and subscribe to our email newsletter- the more subscribers we have, the better it looks to our potential publishers. A thousand thanks to all my readers for your support and kindness- we couldn’t have come this far without our community behind us.

The Unremarkable Girl

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